Our Story

My Tiny Teepee is in the business of making small humans happy. Small little people need hideouts, a place to call their own. Where they can be pirates and fairies and pretty much whatever they’d like to be. That’s our job – to give them a fort. A place that they can call their very own. A My Tiny Teepee.

My mamma has been creating since I was born. She magically handcrafted everything in my life so I was blessed to have almost everything I own made by her. After running a clothing factory and Embroidery Studio for almost 18 years – her corporate path ended, it was time to slow down and to do what she loves and is passionate about – crafting.

Moving to Cape Town in 2015 opened up my eyes to my Mother’s talent and I decided to start marketing her Teepees and toys for her – and so started My Tiny Teepee. Slowly getting the most incredible locals involved proved easy because of the strong sense of community. And so it spread. A mom and daughter run business through and through. Life changing in every way.

Our Bespoke Teepees are personalised and unique to little people. We provide a rough template for the Teepee and together with the mums and dads come up with unique products. Human interaction is key. It’s the best part of my job. Realizing someone’s dreams.

My Motivation – My mamma. I don’t get a single cent from My Tiny Teepee. It’s all for her. She is the one making and creating the unique pieces and putting her heart and soul into every stitch. So she keeps me motivated. My love for my mamma and how hard she is working to make others smile.

Olivia Fox. xx