Frequently Asked Questions

How to tie a My Tiny Teepee

Place the poles through the material and slot into the very end. Take the four ties and distribute them evenly – one on each of the four sides. Then push the poles all the way into the material again and tense the ties. Start intertwining each individual tie around each pole. Repeat this with all Four – around the pole and through and around the next pole and through pulling down each time. Like lacing. Remember to push the teepee into a perfect square before securing. It’s should now be a rigid square.

Rough Play in your Teepee

Teepees are obviously not intended for rough play.

The Colour you've chosen

We try our absolute best to make sure it’s as close as possible BUT having said this – light differs and dye batches may vary. So please be semi flexible when it comes to exact shades.

Safety Warnings

Take care of your little ones – material is dangerous and could possibly smother  – play WITH your human. It’s safer.

Putting Different Poles into the pole sleeves

Your My Tiny Teepee was specially made – so only those poles fit into the sleeves. Please don’t attempt to force anything else into the pole sleeves.

Using the Floor option as an Anchor

Make a nest – pop cushions and blankets inside and make comfy little haven for your small humans. A duvet is the perfect anchor. My two small humans sleep in their Tiny Teepee.

Washing Instructions

Our Teepees are 100% washable as opposed to some others which are not detachable from the Teepee poles and have to be spot washed. A gentle cold hand wash of the Base material and voila – Brand new. This means that the dirt from outside play doesn’t have to come inside. Slide the poles in and tie the ties as instructed.
For colour Apex and braid additions however (which you shouldn’t ever have to wash because it shouldn’t get dirty) – these guys need a gentle sponge bath as the material colour may run. We recommend a cold salt water wash.

Refunds and Returns

Due to customization we regret no returns – please make sure you’re 100% happy with your colour. I’m here to answer ALL your questions so please ask away! I’m an email away.

Travelling with a My Tiny Teepee

Because you can detach the Teepee – you can travel with it. It folds up to be the size of a pair of jeans and weight about 1,5kg.


1,5m high (apex height excluding poles). When folded up the poles are 1,8m high. Width at the Maximum is generally the same as most others on the market but come in at 3cm more than the average at 1,3m. So our Teepees are 50% higher. That’s a lot when you’re a small human. That’s a lot of headroom. 50% more headroom.

Designing your own Bespoke My Tiny Teepee

There is something special about creating something that is your own. Something that your mark has been left on. Something that you know you had a hand in creating. Our moms and dads (and sometimes even the small ones) play such a large part in creating their perfect Teepee. Inspired. Your Teepee is YOUR Teepee. It’s not from a catalogue. Our selection of apex materials changes monthly so there are thousands of permutations. Anything you can imagine – we can make.

We do not keep any Stock

We do NOT keep any stock. Each Teepee is INDIVIDUALLY made, so please be patient – its on it’s handmade way.

My Motivation

My mamma. I don’t get a single cent from My Tiny Teepee. It’s all for her. She is the one making and creating the unique pieces and putting her heart and soul into every stitch. So she keeps me motivated. My love for my mamma and how hard she is working to make others smile.

Adults in a My Tiny Teepee

Yes! Because I can. I read to my boys every night inside of the first teepee we ever made.

Toddler bed transition

Pop it over their beds for a safe night’s sleep. They find it comforting. Big rooms can seem like scary places. This way they are safe and secure in their own little haven.


Our windows are structured and have little roll up flaps so you can play house – they aren’t just a hole in the fabric which we have learnt easily tears and rips the panels.
Our Teepee floors make our Teepees the most stable on the market. An anchor for rough play – so it’s not just a pretty decor piece. They are a contiguous piece of material that is attached to three sides.
Our quilted playmats fit perfectly in the neat 4 sided Teepee and provide the perfect cushioning for little humans (and mammas who are called in for tea). If you choose a plain Teepee it will be a plain playmat. If your Teepee has an accent colour – this colour will be incorporated into the playmat if you choose.